Martha and Mary

Now Jesus loved Martha,  and her sister, and Lazarus.

John 11:5

Martha and Mary were friends of the Lord;
He came for a visit one day.
Martha invited Him into her house,
Befitting the customary way.
She was distracted with so much to do,
While making the Lord feel at home.
But in her serving, she thought, Wait a bit!
I’m doing this all on my own!

Coming to Jesus, she stated her case,
And bid that the Lord would command.
Speak to my sister and tell her to help!
Assist me and give me a hand!
Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet,
And choosing to take in His word.
Teaching more precious and dear to her soul,
Than any she ever had heard.

Jesus was seeking the best for them both,
And Mary had chosen that part.
All Christian service falls short of its goal
If not coming forth from the heart.
First we must listen like Mary of old,
And then when our service is pure;
Offer the Saviour our bodies and then,
He’ll gladly accept them, I’m sure.

A Lame Man Walks
And He shall send Jesus Christ, 
which before was preached unto you.    
Acts 3:20

He sat in the dust by the Beautiful Gate;
They carried him there every day.
His only recourse was in begging for alms,
From any who happened that way.
He never had walked from the day he was born;
His ankles and feet were so weak.
He often had wished he had strength in his bones;
The future seemed hopeless and bleak.

One day as he sat by the same temple gate,
He saw two men coming to pray.
So stretching his hand out he asked for an alms,
As he had been doing all day.
Then one of the men, Simon Peter by name,
Gave heed as he heard his request;
And fixing his eyes on this man begging alms,
He sensed that this man could be blessed.

He said to the man, Look directly at us!
He looked at them both in the face;
Expecting to get a donation from them,
Which might pay the rent on his place.
I do not have silver or gold, Peter said,
But that which I have I give you.
Arise up and walk in the name of the Lord!
While reaching his hand to him too.

His ankles and feet gained immediate strength,
And rising, he sprang to his feet;
Then leaping, he jumped about one metre’s length,
For him, a considerable feat.
He entered the temple with Peter and John,
Extolling the Lord every bound;
He could not contain his excitement and joy,
His feet hardly stayed on the ground.

The people could see this man jumping for joy,
And wondered about his estate;
They knew it was him who had long been outside,
Soliciting alms at the gate.
So as he was leaping and praising the Lord,
And staying close by to his friends;
They gathered around with astonishing looks,
Amazed at these marvellous trends.

Then Peter responded and said to the crowd,
Why all this excitable talk?
And why are you looking intently at us,
As though we have made this man walk?
The God of our Fathers has honoured His Son;
The One you denied out of hand;
When Pilate had tried Him and found no offence,
Resolving to quash His remand.

But there you rejected the Holy and Just;
And asked for a felon instead.
But Him you rejected, the Lord Prince of life,
Our God has raised up from the dead.
This man whom you see and is known unto you;
Who begged and was formerly lame;
Has got his new soundness through faith in the Lord;
Through trusting in Jesus’ name.

Repent, be converted and blot out your sins,
That times of refreshing may come;
That God may send unto you Jesus the Christ,
Who waits till restoring is done.
For Moses said truly, Jehovah your God,
Will raise up a Prophet like me;
And Him you shall hear in whatever He says,
Or suffer untold injury.

God’s Redemptive Plan
And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.    Luke 21:28

When the Lord created woman, it was always in His plan,
That she complement His image He invested in the man;
Who in turn would be ennobled by the one born from his bone;
So together they might glorify the Saviour on His throne.

But the plan was interrupted, for the Lord already knew,
That a test of their volition was both requisite and due.
Thus the Tempter found his opening and solicited to sin;
So the image was degraded as transgression entered in.

Now the plan could not be thwarted by intrusion good or bad;
Even though the total ruin was so very very sad.
For the Lord had made a promise which prophetically said,
That the Offspring of the woman would destroy the serpent’s head.

At the time of His appointment so the Lord took on our frame;
Having laid aside His glory which adorned His holy name;
Being found in low appearance, He submitted to the Cross;
Where He cried in dereliction having suffered every loss.

Now the darkest day had fallen with its legacy of fear.
For what hope was there remaining with the Lord no longer near?
But a new day was approaching which the gloom could not deny;
For behold, the tomb is empty! He is risen! ‘tis our cry.

For we have a risen Saviour who is present every day.
Seeking those who are obedient and desire His holy way;
So together let us laud Him with our sacrifice of praise;
With thanksgiving to the Father and the Author of our days.